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I would like a page or filter where we can see which dramas are expiring soon that way if it's a drama we had planned on watching, we can get to it sooner. I've had this happen to me two times already I added dramas I know were available at the time to my to watch list and when I finally went to watch it, it was gone.

It could be either a page dedicated to dramas expiring soon or a filter that will show dramas expiring soon similar to the coming soon filter



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    Hi there!
    Thanks so much for suggesting this! We actually have a similar post on Viki Ideas already 🙂 
    Please click here and upvote the idea there instead. 
    The way Viki Ideas works is that the higher the votes for an idea, the more it will be prioritized. So please look around and upvote the other ideas you see that you want to be implemented on Viki. 
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