Waiting a year to see the next episode.

There is no explanation that can be given right now that would make this okay. I was fine paying for the Viki standard pass knowing that for some shows I can't see the episodes for a while and simply needed to wait. That's all cool. Not everyone can dish out payment for Viki plus but we enjoy the service however we can. Some love it enough that they don't mind all the commercial and waiting even longer to see another episode. Hey again not everyone can afford to pay and it's nice that even a free viewing option is there.
Now I come to see I have to wait more than a year to see some episodes on shows and I'm lost for words." A full year plus to watch another episode " I think to myself maybe that's some kind of mistake because it makes absolutely no sense at all and and that's how companies end up going out of business. Someone trying to find a way to pay for limited viewing already and then still hit with even more limited viewing for shows. What exactly is the message here? Pay up some more or go find another viewing source so you can keep up with the shows you would like to see. Hey and while you're at it continue to view with us still and pay if you don't like advertisements 🙄. Is this where I say I miss Dramafever and someone else will figure out soon just how to take advantage of this opportunity if they can. I enjoy my shows that's why I decided to pay for the access. The this idea of telling people they now need to wait more than a year for another episode or pay more money is just not cool. Don't see how management could sit there and think it is.



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    Hi jal,

    There was a change in licensing terms for Running Man and a number of Korean variety shows. The list of shows is as stated here. The period for which new episodes are under Viki Pass Plus have been lengthened.

    Please understand that shows are only licensed for a limited period of time. After their license ends, the content owner is free to determine the terms for relicensing.

    If you'd like to have earlier access to new episodes, what I can suggest is for you to upgrade to Viki Pass Plus. Viki Pass Plus gives you access to all the great content from Viki Pass Standard PLUS additional content from Kocowa. For more details about Viki Pass Plus, you can refer to this article. You can upgrade to Viki Pass Plus here.

    Thank you,

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