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    Hi Jaime! I looked up your Disqus comments on Viki and see that you have 1 published comment on Punch, and confirm that there aren't any comments that are being held for moderation or have been removed.

    May I check what you meant by "prevented by Disqus"? A screenshot of any error message will be helpful. Thanks!

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    I repeat, after viewing "Northern Line Limit' I attempted to post comment on the movie and after I clicked the submit button, was immediately told by Disqus my posting was blocked. I was complimentary to the movie and appreciated the respect and honor to those persons involve in the incident as portrayed in the movie. I appreciate also VIKI for providing this movie in historical perspective and respect. I will not allow anyone or any entity to censor and block my comments; if you allow this Disqus censoring - you have lost me as a customer. The sad point to this I enjoy the entertainment you provide and was about to upgrade my account. Disqus blocking my comment is why you can not find my comment.

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