[On-Hold] Option to have the other languages on Viki.com content removed


Previously we would have a separate language option for the Viki.com site (10 languages, referring to the active buttons and categories on the site) and another option for the content on Viki.com (all languages). Now we only have one language option, for the site itself, consisting only of those 10 I couldn't even say the most common languages on Viki (because they are not - where is your Romanian, Persian etc language?). 

This means that the unlucky people who don't know any of these (very selected) languages cannot:

- understand the title of the show

- see what the show is about

- see the progress of translating the show.


For the unlucky moderators of the so-called "other" languages, well they can't see if a show has been:

- started to be translated to their language

- see how far it has been translated (particularly in the old projects, whether that critical point of only the first 4-5 episodes has been passed, because otherwise the project might not ever get translated fully)


I would like to know if Viki engineers are attempting to translate the entire site and all of its content to ALL languages?

Otherwise, I would ask that the content option be immediately restored because of the above-mentioned reasons, as well as some additional more sentimental ones.



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  • I agree with you in that, dear, I hope that Viki will reconsider it for everyone from translators to fans all over the world . Because this is really upsetting .

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  • I agree with you. Let's hope Viki will reconsider this because it was an useful option for the active contributors (CM, Moderators and QC).

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  • This is a really bad move by Viki. A lot of people rely on the "content language" option. I hope they reconsider and add it ASAP.

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  • I totally agree, i was confused at 1st & thought that something went wrong w/ my Viki & kept refreshing the pages & even reopen my lap again  , but nothing was working & now as a subtitler & mod , i can't tell what's going on w/ my projects until i open each ep one by one?!!! & Now no Arabic (among others)  fans'll know that these dramas are available in their language!!!  why  didn't they ask us 1st? they could 've sent us a survey & ask us to vote b4 doing that?   

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  • Hi everyone,


    Thanks for providing your feedback in regards to the site language option selection changes. We’re aware of how this has impacted both volunteers and viewers, and appreciate everyone taking the time to write in to us. Your feedback is valuable to us and it’s been shared with our teams.


    Please note that there will soon be an update for displaying show and subtitle availability in your language of choice.


    As a global platform that is dedicated to breaking down language and cultural barriers through the best in Asian entertainment, please rest assured that Viki will continue to support the 200+ languages that have been part of its core for years.  


    Viki Community Team

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  • Hello thank god I found who is upset about it
    I hope the problem is solved

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  • Any changes?

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  • It doesn't seem like that.

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  • i don't think they'll change the new setting , it's been months now since i contacted 1 of  Viki's Community Team & she told me that Viki 'll 've these 10 languages only as their official & if i want to see the progress in my own language beside these 10,i should adjust the language on the video to my own & then refresh so i can see how many episodes are done & how many still needs to be translated to my language,,,,,well it works except , i love watching in English so i usually forget to adjust it back & also there is no title or description in my own language any more.  

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