[Solved] won't let me upgrade to Plus immediately, due to year standard subscription ?

It seems so hard to make contact and get help here. I've written several times and it's going on a week with no answer. I am trying to correct my mistake of subscribing for a year on standard, when I want Plus. I am willing to pay for Plus even on top of having already paid for the standard. But it won´t let me. I sign up for the plus and it says, it will take effect at the end of my current billing cycle...in one year!

This can't be right. Is it really impossible to upgrade to Plus without waiting until the end of a year billing cycle?! 

Will someone please answer? Thank you



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    Hey lauragecko2_952,

    Sorry for the late response! As we are a small team dealing with a large volume of tickets, we sometimes miss tickets, causing a delayed response.

    I have just gotten back to your tickets.

    In the mean time, you can also check out these FAQs that can help address any questions you might have about how to upgrade:


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