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every now and than I notice, that actors in dramas do not get listed as cast and (if the actors is already in viki's database) respectively the drama doesn't get listed as works for the actor. Some actors are not even listed in viki's database. 

What are the criteria for actors to get added to the database?

What are the criteria for actors and dramas to get linked?

Is the only option to fix missing linking to create an issue here everytime? (Seems like an overkill to me)

Latest example for missing link is Tae Hang Ho ( https://www.viki.com/celebrities/21788pr-tae-hang-ho?q=Tae%20Hang-ho ) and The Last Empress ( https://www.viki.com/tv/36241c-the-last-empress?q=empre )



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    Hi kuraimegami,

    Thanks for letting us know.

    We try to link all main actors and well-known supporting casts to dramas. In Tae Hang Ho's case, he wasn't linked when we first created the channel as he did not show up on the official SBS page for The Last Empress.

    We've just added him to the cast. You should see an updated cast on the show page soon.

    Currently, if you notice any missing links from the show cast that you'd like added, you will have to contact us. Although we will certainly look into other ways that this can be done.


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  • I understand. Thank you Kristie ^^

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