[Closed] Why is 'Watch Later' so hard to find!

I've been adding shows to my watch later. But it's always such a hassle to get back to it!

Why is there not a simple bar on the homepage showing all 'Watch Later' shows, that all other apps seem to have (Netflix, Dramafever)



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  • Where can I find the Watch Later option on the computer? 
    I have been adding shows to my watch later list, but now I want to find my Watch Later list and cannot find it at all...

    On the app its so easy to find but on my computer...  Maybe somone can help me! 

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  • Hi guys,

    We currently do not have the Watch Later collection available on the viki.com website.

    But thank you for bringing this up. We'll definitely look into making the Watch Later collection available on web as well.

    Also, if this is a feature that you'd like to see, do remember to upvote this post as this the more upvotes an idea has, the more likely it will be prioritized.


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  • How do you upvote?


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  • Hi jessa1957,

    To upvote an idea, simply click on the upward pointing arrow you see beside the post. After upvoting an idea, you will see the arrow color turn blue.


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  • There's a "watch later" option when you click on shows to see the description. I've spent significant time browsing and clicking on watch later so i would not have to be browsing all the time and to have a nice list of what I want to check out for now. And then... there's no such list anywhere. Is this stored somewhere or does viki have a button that is not actually in use yet but maybe will be in the future? It is a bit misleading. Then there is a page on the viki site that explains we have to go to my collections to look for the watch later collection, but when i went to my collections in my profile the watch later collection didn't exist. Where have I been saving those shows using the little menu that appears when you click the the plus sign icon? Or has it all been lost?

    Thank you

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  • My mind is honestly boggled that the watch later collection isn't available on website, when it's available on the app. Please please please add that collection to the website; it is a crucial part of how I use Viki's service.

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  • Of all the time I wasted going through ALL of your pages to save dramas to watch and find out you don't offer this service! 

    Not Nice

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  • why my watch later collection has missing!??!?!??!

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