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Allow users to change their subscription plan before it enters a new cycle. This is will allow users who can no longer afford the X amount for the subscription to at least lower their expenses, users who chose the wrong plan..etc. It will save not only the users a headache but the Viki staff too by lower the number of inquiries. Currently this inability to moderate and change our own plan is, at least for myself, enough for me to not come back and use viki after my plan ends. 

Increasing the amount of control users have on their account is vital to customer satisfaction. I understand profit is important, however at this point it seems Viki only cares for the profit and basically says to h*** with the customers.



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    Hello bingeonkpop,

    We do allow users to change their subscription plan before it renews and you can change your plan by following the instructions in this FAQ:
    How can I view or manage my subscription?


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