[Suggestion] Snap-to ability in Segment Timer

I just made a request via the help center for this, but here is a public post of what I sent for discussion of the idea:

A helpful addition to the tool-set of segmenters would be the ability to snap [the end of] a selected segment to the beginning of the next segment with zero micro-gaps left over.
It would also follow to have the same ability with snapping the beginning of the selected segment to the end of the previous segment.

Assigning these to shortcuts such as CTRL+SHIFT+[Up/Down ARROW] would make sense to me. I'd use the [Down ARROW] shortcut for snapping the end of my selected segment to the beginning of the next segment, and [Up ARROW] as the shortcut for snapping the beginning of my selected segment to the end of the previous segment.

Example: I want to snap the end of my currently selected segment to the beginning of the next segment since they are close together.  I want to eliminate microgaps with one shortcut and move on, so I press CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW to accomplish my task.

I hope you consider this function as an addition to our tools!
Thank you.


Here's my thought process behind this suggestion:

I know in my experience (using individual segment method, not XXL), the method to eliminate micro-gaps is either click+drag the selected segment ends to the beginning of the next one, or tap the adjustment shortcut several times until the segments overlap (and therefore stick to each other).

Click+drag is too slow when doing this to a lot of segments, and using the currently available shortcuts is too many taps for what could be just one (the farther away the next segment- the more taps).  This also leads to the possibility for error... Tap too many times forward or back in time after confirming the segments overlap- and you get mistimed segments that were just fine a moment ago. Worse- you may not even notice until you review later... therefore spending more time correcting mistakes.

I just want to streamline as much as possible for the experienced, and eliminate common micro-gap problems for new segmenters like myself... all in one shot! :D



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