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I am a moderator and have to follow the comments from many volunteers on dramas that are typically 50 episodes or more.  I spend as much time locating comments and copy/pasting them to a Google Sheets doc than I do actually working on the episodes. I would like to go to the Team Discussion Board for my project and key Ctrl F (I can do this already, but the search results are generic and useless).  I would like to search for Episode 72 and get all of the comments related to Ep 72.  Also, it would be nice to have a clickable icon beneath a comment/reply that would indicate that an issue has been resolved.  I never understood what up-voting meant.  I thought it might indicate that a comment had been seen, but it doesn't indicate that the comment was resolved.



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    Hi doublebass,

    Closing this request as you'd already previously posted it here: 
    Team Discussion Board

    We place a tag beside posts once issues have been resolved or responded to.

    In addition, upvotes are to help us understand how popular a particular request is. The more upvotes a request has would indicate to us that this is a feature that more users desire and this will be taken into consideration when the team plans which features to build and prioritize.

    For a better understanding of how this category works, do read these guidelines:
    Idea Guidelines - Please read before posting!



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  • I think by the response that I was not clear in my question.  I am not talking about the general viki discussions, but rather about the team discussion tab for a particular drama.  For example, Tea Love has 82 episodes.  When I go in to the subtitle editor and finish my work, I click on the "team Discussion" tab to leave a message to my project team members that I have completed the episode.  I also list segments where I need assistance.  There is a search box, but it is not particularly useful in finding search items or threads.  For a drama that long, with pages and pages of notes from team members, it becomes a nightmare to try to find the responses to your posts.  So, managing a project is difficult...even with a google sheets log,  I would like to be able to search for something like "ep 75" and see all the comments related to that episode.  I also would like the search engine to find episode 75 as well as ep 75 without doing a search for every abbreviation for "episode".

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