Customizable subtitles for PC & TV apps

I was happy to find out we can finally customize subtitles via Viki's mobile App. Are you planning to add this feature to browser and other apps (TV, FireTV etc.)?



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    Hi there,

    Thanks so much, dreamfall92.

    That's right! Now you can customize your subtitles on the web browser. Our TV apps will follow up on this soon.

    Check it out! 


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  • i want this for the web

    sometimes there is text on the screen and the subtitles are overlayed but it's really difficult to read white text over white text even with the shadows. 

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  • changing the color and size of font is really important for people with visual issues. I need a larger font to be able to read subtitles easily and the color change is helpful when the program shoots a lot of white or light colored scenes that make it hard to see the white lettering.

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  • @pillowpuff, @chris_richman

    I don't know if you already noticed, but that feature was finally added to the web version!

    Thank you, Viki!

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  • Would really like this to be applied to the Firestick app. The subtitles are showing up extremely large and it’s not appealing visually and frustrating to read.

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  • This issue needs to be resolved for the Fire TV and Chromecast! I don’t want to keep on using my iPad and I prefer a big screen, but Viki for TV sucks at their subtitle settings :/

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  • I am considering not renewing viki,  just because of this reason!  I have tried to change subtitle display on TV and it can only be done with cc option. And with cc, you can't eliminate the big black box that  surrounds the subtitles.  Viki seems to be only for the mobile devices.  Netflix gives you an option for changes also for the television, and they are getting more Asian shows anyway. 

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