[NEW FEATURE] Expiring licenses notification

If a license is about to expire without thoughts of renewing it, it would be common courtesy to let people know know 3 months in advance

1. For the viewers. On the drama’s page, so that people can rush to view it before it disappears.
2.  For the CM and moderators so that the team can decide whether it's worth to continue working on it or not.
If 1 is not possible for some reason, at least implement 2. 

In case there are thoughts of renewal, please say so. The team might stop temporarily until newer notice. 



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  • The Smile Has Left Your Eyes apparently is not available through viki in any region.  I just tried to access and got an apology. 

    "We're Sorry
    Viki does not carry this show. Discover other shows that are popular in your area"
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  • @cgwm808 Huh that's strange then..the note I get (I use LG TV app) is that it's not available in my region anymore. Just so disappointing because I was watching it just the other day and was so close to being done. Support should have said something like that since it's not just a region issue. Sigh.

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  • I came here in 4/2024 because I was in the middle of watching episode 12 of a 16 episode show only to find out that it is suddenly "no longer available in [my] region! Now I'm finding out through reputation that Viki has been allowing this to happen to their customers for at least THE LAST 7 YEARS?!?!! This is not only Insulting but it's DISRESPECTFUL! How dare you waste our time and emotional energy for the last 7 years claiming that the fix to simply warn us is "in the pipeline" yet continue to move this action further and further down the priority list as if we don't matter? If we've learned anything from companies like Amazon, you should probably pay attention to overall customer satisfaction before another streaming service comes along and profits off of your disrespect!

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