Subtitling team credits should go in the credits, not in the body of the show

In any show or movie there are opening credits and there are closing credits. Putting subbing team credits in the ending scenes and important scenes ruins the scene and there is no reason to do that.

There are established protocols for credits that these teams should follow. People are paying good money for subscriptions ect for the ending scenes of dramas to be ruined by this amateur subbing aspect.

Why this continues year after year is really absurd. For example the team for Lovely Runner is going to stick their credits in the ending proposal scene? They shouldn't be allow to do that. There is a full set of actual credits at the end of the show? There are credits to share everyone who worked on the show. That is where credit to the team belows

It reeks of amateurism and lack of understanding of the established function of credits. Credits are not a new idea.

Someone should include this simple, universal aspect into established subbing protocols for this service. Really.



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  • I agree 100% with this sometimes I'm getting into the show and there ya go there are thank you to the blah blah team its not done yet we don't need those yet.

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