Show how many episode are in a series

Some of the shows that I have started to watch recently have recently been released. I have reached the end of the series, only to find that 1 more is being released in x days. It doesn't say how many additional episodes will be released in the future. I don't want to start a show until all of the episodes have been released or until I'm sure they will all be released by the time I watch that far. If a show is still being released and a new show is coming every week, you should at least show how many total episodes there are. This way if there are 20 episodes and only number 15 is released, I at least know that 5 more are coming.



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  •  I agree. I'm not going to pay next year to be able to watch only part of a movie.

    I paid becaus i tought I could watch whole movies/series on vicky

    it's the one reason why i would end my prescription at vicky's 

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