[Closed] Will Learn Mode EVER be available on Android?

Hello, The Learn Mode has been available on iOS for 2 years now. Are there any plans to make this available on Android any time soon? I would appreciate if you could let us know whether you are working on this feature or not. It is very much missed by Android users. Thank you.


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    Hello there,

    Learn Mode is an innovative feature for Viki users who want to augment their language learning while watching shows and movies on Viki.

    Learn Mode allows users to choose to display the origin language alongside their preferred subtitle track. It allows you to interact with words and get their meanings and pronunciations.

    In addition, you can navigate through the video based on subtitle segments and replay the current segment to watch it again.

    Currently, Learn Mode is available for select Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese shows.

    Find out how to use Learn Mode here! You can also check out Viki-curated Learn Mode collections in Korean and Chinese.

    Note: Viki Learn Mode is available on the web and on the iOS app only.

    Right now, we don't have any information yet on when this will be available for Android users.



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