[Solved] Viki standard pass on Phone and Computer

I have the Viki app on my phone. I just logged in on my computer using the same Apple ID, but it's now asking me to choose a pass before I can continue watching on my computer. Can I not watch using the same pass as on my phone?



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    Hi cytgsx6c66_656​,

    Thank you for getting in touch with Viki Community Support!

    At the moment, there is no limit to the number of supported devices you can log into using the same Viki account.

    As long as you are logged in to Viki with the email address you used to subscribe to Viki Pass, you will be able to enjoy all Viki Pass benefits on Viki.com and all other supported apps.

    We hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please let us know via our Help Center at watch.viki.com/AccountSupport.

    Thank you,


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