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  • allisonadema_518 creó una publicación,

    [Solved] Multiple if not all Korean and Chinese dramas

    All displaying Oh no something went wrong. This is occurring on my fire and TV with a current version firestick. It has affected more and more programs until it is now all programs

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  • allisonadema_518 creó una publicación,

    [Closed] Endings get cut off

    At the endbof the korean dramas, the program abruptly cuts off whereas it used to roll into the next episode. There is definitely a bug in your system creating these issues. Fast forwarding/reverse...

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  • allisonadema_518 creó una publicación,

    [Closed] Subtitles

    On Where My Love Blooms, the translator neglected to subtitle the last 5 minutes. So frustrating as this was a key scene. Can someone please complete this? It may not seem like the last 1% was a b...

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