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As a fan, I would love to have easier access to see my favorite actors' other works. However, the cast list on Viki is pretty basic, (mostly the main cast, and part of supporting cast). Who determine the posted cast list for the shows on VIKI? Is that something we can become contributors and update?  



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    Hi pakmcham_797,

    Thank you for reaching out to Viki Community Support!

    We understand how you feel about this. Due to space limitations on our channel page, we can only display a certain number of casts. We have a team that helps maintain cast lists.

    If you believe that someone is part of the main or supporting cast & is not listed, please let us know.

    Have a nice day! 



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  • I noticed on Queen Insoo "Hahm Eun-jung" did not appear under cast. You would think since the title is Queen Insoo and she played the younger version of Queen Insoo for the first 20 episodes she would at least appear. I was trying to look for her name and found it on Google. Afterwards when I searched for her name in RViki she appeared. Please have her name placed under cast. If you must, remove Park Joon Mok who barely appears in the series. Thanks.

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  • Hi maxfromkendall,

    Our team will be making the changes soon. We appreciate your help in sharing this with us!

    Thank you,

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