No viki on firestick

I can't find the Viki app on my firestick. It is 2nd gen and I tried everything, and Viki still won't pop up.


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    Hello christinablue14_86,

    Thank you for contacting Viki Community Support. 

    We're sorry that you're unable to find the Viki app on your Fire TV. To get the best viewing experience, please update your OS to the latest version before downloading the Viki App.

    To guide you with the steps on how to install the app, please check this link

    Also, for us to check, can you please provide us with your Fire TV (model number) and OS (Operating system) version you're using?

    We look forward to your reply. 




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  • The response is so silly. How can people install the app when it doesn't even appear on the Amazon App Library????

    I have the same issue and the latest update for a 2nd Gen Firestick available is OS 5.2. So Viki insisting we use an OS 6 and above is telling us basically we're SOL unless we buy newer gen Firesticks. And I ain't doing so for just 1 app.

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  • By the way I also received a support response saying I should go to the Viki App page to download the app. Guess what, I did so using my internet browser on the Firestick, tried to download the app from but then it redirects me to Amazon website which directs me to the App Store in my Firestick. Yeah, back to square one and it ain't solving any problems.

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