I noticed a while back there was a up coming drama lost in Kunlun mountains. I was looking forward to it. then yesterday I saw it wa listed it as coming soon, now its not listed at all. can you tell me what happening with it. also if we will get it please, thank you.



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    Hi emcgavran_596,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    Most of the time if a drama/video is not available, it means that we were unable to acquire the license for your region or country. In this case, Kunlun Mountains is not licensed on Viki for viewing in your region.

    If you'd like to request a specific show in your geographic region, please fill out this form. Our content team will see your request, and we'll try our hardest to license the show in your region in the future.

    For more info on the licensing process, as well as regional licensing, please check out this blog post.

    Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any other questions.




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  • tysvm Darl for the info. I just sent a request in for that show, hopefully I will hear something soon. Ella.

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  • Hi there,

    You're welcome! We’ll be closing this to prevent confusion of multiple requests.

    Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

    Have a great day!


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