[Closed] Why are some episodes available and some not for the same show?

Every now and then I encounter an episode for the Law of the Jungle show that shows the message:

"Oh no! We had a little hiccup but don't worry! (Error: VSF_6401) Please try again in a few minutes. Maybe have a break - have a chocolate."

But even if I come back to the episodes the next day, it does the same thing. I end up having to skip it and go to the next available.  Why does this happen?  Again, this is not just 1 episode among the many. This keeps happening with episodes like every 3-5 episodes.



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    Hi there tokkiegal,

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    Our apologies for the inconvenience. We’re aware that there's an issue that some episodes are suddenly not available issue and our team is working on it.

    Do follow this post for updates as this duplicate topic would be closed.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. 



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