[Closed] Problems with New Viki for Roku Tv layout

My viki app on the TV updated sometime last week, or thereabouts, and it's impairing my ability to stream. Before you could find a menu at the top and filter by featured dramas, movies, countries, and then get to "browse" so you could choose which genre you wanted. That's Gone. No where to be found. And I scroll down and I'm stuck with Viki picks and collections I didn't ask for. And no way to search for things like fantasy or comedy dramas, unless I already know their names. How is this helpful. Now I can only watch things I already have on my watchlist. It's bad enough you can't access any personal collections you made on the website, on the TV app, even though it's the same site. And shouldn't be that hard to port over. But now I can't even filter by genre. How on earth am I suppose to find something I actually Want to watch, when all you're giving me are things you want to promote?


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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for writing to us with your issue.

    We will be closing this ticket to avoid having multiple posts of the same issue. Kindly visit this link for further updates.

    Thank you,

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