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Hi, when i have finished watching a show why can i not remove it from my list of currently watching shows? Any ideas how i can do it



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    Hi irenerisom46_507,

    Thank you for getting in touch with Viki Support!

    We're so sorry to hear that you're unable to delete shows on your watchlist. I'd be glad to provide you with the steps on how to do it. 

    1. To remove a show from your Watchlist, select Edit at the top right corner.

    2. Next, click on the 'X' icon on the show thumbnail that you would like to remove and select Done to finish up.

    For your future reference and further information, please check this linked article: How does Watchlist work?

    Also, please feel free to visit our Help Center and Community Forum to find answers to many common questions and get helpful suggestions. 

    If you have other concerns, please let us know and we'd be happy to help you at any time. Stay well and safe! 

    All the best,

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