[Closed] Through The Darkness drama cannot Chromecast

I have both and Android and iOS device that I am trying to Chromecast the drama Through the Darkness to my tv. On my Android, the app just spins forever to load when I try to Chromecast, and on the iOS device, it says "Error code: 30 media failed to load". I pay for the Plus membership for Chromecast option, but it doesn't work for all of the content? I tried a different program and it cast to my tv fine. Can you please fix this??


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    Hello hrjsong_457,

    Thank you for contacting Viki Community Support. We're sorry to hear that you experienced these issues.

    As Viki does not support VPN viewing, Chromecast has recently been updated to reflect this. You are still able to use Viki on Chromecast and have access to shows available in your region without a VPN. 

    Hope this helps!


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