[Closed] Why isn't "Dali & The Cocky Prince" available in Australia?

I see the high ratings and feedback for "Dali & The Cocky Prince" but it is not available in Australia! Will this be made available any time soon?



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    Hello there,

    The error message “Sorry, this show/content is not available in your region” displays when we don't have the license for a show in your geographic region or country. Since the video you’re trying to watch is not licensed for your region, we’re unable to make it available on the Viki site or on any of our apps.

    We're constantly in negotiations to license content from different networks. If the show you want to watch is not available in your region, you can request it here

    Does Viki Pass include access to videos not available in my region?

    If you're a Viki Pass subscriber and you're seeing the “not available in your region” error message, please know that Viki Pass does not include access to regionally unavailable or unlicensed content, which means regional restrictions still apply when watching a show with Viki Pass.

    If you’re curious about how we license our content, please check out this blog post about our licensing process.

    We hope this clarifies your concern.



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