[Closed] Incorrect spelling of Hindi across

Spelling of "Hindi" in Devanagari is incorrect in Subtitle Editor as shown in this picture below.

In Bulk Translation (the one at 19%):

In Subtitle Editor (second last):

In Viki Discussions:


Correct spelling of Hindi is as shown in this badge:

There has to be a dot above the "horizontal line."

हिंदी is correct; हिन्दी is incorrect. 

According to the rules Government of India published in late 60s, fifth character of any section in Varnmala (Devanagari characters) would appear as anusvar (dot) above the "horizontal line" if the succeeding character is from the same section.



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    Hey shraddhasingh, thanks very much for raising this with us. The team will review this and slot it in for updating. Do note that the update may be gradual and not done all at once across the different touchpoints as the estimated effort required on each is different. 🏋🏼‍♂️

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