Error Logging In - Message is “No internet connection” on latest gen of iPad Pro

Tried to find a solution reading the community help posts.

removed and reinstalled Viki app and logged in again but no luck getting logged in.  Same persistent error.

reset iPad completely and cleared browsing history…but the problem persists.  I’ve used a diff Wi-Fi connection and still the same issue…it’s been like this for over two weeks.  Please help with a solution..thank you much!




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    Hi there Myra,

    Thank you for writing to Viki Community Support!

    We're sorry that you're experiencing this issue on the Viki app despite doing the basic troubleshooting steps.

    Could you please provide us with the following helpful information:

    1. Does this occur on all shows? If not, please let me know the specific shows and episodes you're having problems with (ex. "Chicago Typewriter" Episode 2)
    2. What version of the Viki app are you using? You can find it on the app settings.
    3. What's your device and Operating System version?
    4. Your internet speed. To test this download this application and share the results: Apple
    5. Screenshot of the issue or the error message you see.

    We look forward to helping you soon!



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