[Closed] "Continue Watching" list gone

Got an issue. I had a clear-out of my "continue watching" list and I started a new show but I went to carry on with it, it wasn't there in the "CW" list the next day.



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    Hi there,

    We're aware of the Continue Watching issue, and our team is working on it. The issue should be resolved in a day or so. 

    Do follow this post for any updates as this duplicate topic would be closed.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.


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  • Hi andrewmcclenning_854,

    Thank you for writing to us!

    Our engineers have made more updates to assist with this 'Continue Watching' issue.

    If you are still facing the same problems, please try these steps first:

    • Log out, reinstall the Viki app, and log back into your account.
    • Check that your profile/settings page indicates the same account username across all your devices.
    • If you are watching on our website, please check that you have Adblock disabled or whitelisted for Viki. Restart your browser before trying again.
    • If you are using the Viki Android app, check that you are updated to version 6.16.2 (If you do not see this version yet, please wait 1-2 days).

    Please note that Continue Watching/Watch Markers usually take 15-30 mins before it is updated. Dramas/movies must have also been played for at least one minute.  

    Otherwise, if the issue persists, please write back in the below format so our team can identify the issue for you:

    1. Your Viki username
    2. The show and episode number you've last watched and is not updating on your Continue Watching
    3. The date & time of that last watched activity and when you checked your Continue Watching
    4. If you have other devices, do you see the same watched activity missing?


    Thank you,


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