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Help. My large subtitles are gone. i cant seem to get them back on the viki tv app on the mibox. Tried changing the settings on the mibox but nothjng changes in the app.


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  • Hello,

    We're sorry that you're experiencing issues with Viki on your Android TV Device.

    To make sure this is not an app problem can you please try the following?

    1. Log out from your account
    2. Uninstall and reinstall the Viki app from your device.
    3. Turn your device off and on again.
    4. Log back in to your Viki account by following the steps here.

    Are you still having the same issues with the Viki app? If so, can you please provide the following information?

    1. What is the version of the Viki app are you using? You can find this information in the app settings.
    2. What operating system are you using?
    3. Which specific movies or episodes are causing this issue? Please give as many details as possible
    4. A screenshot/photo of the error message or issue.


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