[On-hold] English subtitles is positioned too low

The English subtitles is positioned too low on the screen in Chromecast with Google TV device so we are unable to read it.....with all movies. 



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    We're aware that there is an issue with the subtitles on Android/Google TV and our team is currently looking into it. 

    Please watch on your other devices in the meantime and we will get back to you once there is any update.

    Thank you,

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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for contacting us with your issue.

    This could likely be an overscan setting that is affecting your TV. Please try to adjust the Display settings of your TV before watching again. Eg. You can try to adjust the display area or picture mode. 

    Do let us know if the issue still persists after and we'll assist further.


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  • Hi Michelle, 

    I have already change the settings that available on my TV (which is 720p), and it does not make any difference.

    The thing is that does not happen with any other apps, not with YouTube, not with Netflix. It only happens with the Viki app in the unit however, it does not happen when I cast the Viki app from smartphone or tablet.

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