No PS4, no kindle & no pixel app?!?

I just wanted to leave feedback as a brand new user. The number of devices able to download your app to is disappointing.  You guys don't have a PS4 app and I normally do most of my tv watching using my PS4 and my Samsung smart tv is apparently too old for your tv viki app.  It's kinda adding insult to injury because my other go to option for watching viki is my Kindle.  Which you no longer support either.  My smart phone, a pixel, is also not allowing me to download the app.  If you guys didn't have such a great library of content I would probably not even bother.  As it is, its a definite check mark against me bothering to purchase your paid for service, good content or no.


If I missed something please definitely let me know, but as of right now, this is really disappointing. Dramafever might not have been the best designed app, but I could get it on any and ever device I wanted.



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