[Closed] Viki program availability is unreliable

Viki's website says those who subscribe to Viki Pass will be able to watch certain episodes a year after those who subscribe to Viki pass plus. However, they never unlocked Fiery Priest, which should have been available Feb. 18, 2020, and they have not opened access to any episodes for these shows for two weeks: Running Man; Master in the House; My Little Old Boy and The Manager. Netflix is starting to look like the better place to put our money for Korean dramas.



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  • For sure. I paid for a year at a time. But once it's done...Netflix is offer so much more these days. I am tired of not being able to connect my TV to my account. Some days it let's me and others it won't. You search for the error code they give and even that can't be found. It's so annoying. Not everyone wants to watch from a phone. Plus the subtitles are starting to go missing in shows. Playful Kisses 12 in the middle there is a good 5 minutes with out. Other shows been seeing it too. I am not upgrading to Pass Plus, but starting to feel like even Pass isn't worth the money. Which is a bummer.

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  • Hi zvail8_788,

    To clarify, content locks are set based on when the episode premiered on Viki. Thus, you might notice that the episodes in a series are not all unlocked at the same time.

    The question mark '?' on the right corner of the episode thumbnail will display the countdown to the number of days in which the episode will be released on Viki.

    You can also follow a show on our app to get notifications whenever a new episode is released.

    I hope this helps!

    Hi shaylared26,

    If you're still having issues watching, could you provide us with:

    • More details about why you are not able to sign in on your TV app (eg. what device are you using? how are you trying to login via i.e. code or email?)
    • What is the exact timestamp where you see the missing subtitles on Playful Kiss episode 12 and other shows? (eg. Episode 12 around 35:05) 
    • A photo or screenshot of the issues


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