[Solved] Can’t login to viki on my firestick

Every time I try entering the access code on my firestick tv the result I get is an error message of “there was an error in the application” every single time I try. It worked before perfectly but ever since I was logged out of my account a few days ago it hasn’t worked since


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    Hi there,

    Our engineers have gotten back to us and this login issue has been fixed. Please try to log in to Viki again.

    If you continue to experience this issue, please let me know!


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  • I get the message "there was an error in the application" when I try to login. I updated to Viki plus, It logged me off, and I haven't been able to open it again in my firestick

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  • @gisecardona_774 Same thing with mine! I noticed it logged me out when it charged me for my viki plus monthly fee. And since then I can’t get in either

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  • Hi both,

    We're sorry that you're experiencing this login issue. Our team is aware of it and is working on fixing it.

    We'll be leaving this ticket on-hold while we wait for a response from our team and will provide you with an update when possible.

    In the meantime, do login via Email/Username and Password (instead of via code) to access your account on Fire TV.


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  • I can not log in either. neither from tv nor from laptop nor from the phone. what should I do? and the site says to indicate postcode, wtf? what for? why? this has not happened before. Has anyone else come across this? In general, I solved the problem with the help of I found a postcode and it worked.

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  • Hi csgo_expertt_663,

    For us to better understand your issue, could you let us know which is the page that prompted you to indicate a postcode?

    If possible, please send us a screenshot of that page too.

    Thank you,

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