Voting/suggesting for title and description in other languages


There should be a tool that allows all the users to up or down vote translation for title and descriptions and in case also make another translation suggestion. The version with the most support is used for the title and description. Kind of like a specific version of the one liner function in the past.

Viki provides those things for certain languages, but volunteers can't make changes.


Viki provides the title and description for shows in certain languages. Volunteers have no direct way of interacting with these translations. In order to harvest the collective intelligence of all users and through the collaborative effort, better translations can be achieved.

For example, there have been multiple instances where the German title was wrong or sounded weird and many German volunteers discussed better titles. But so far, none of these titles have been changed by Viki and my own request has been unsolved for multiple months. The translators hired by Viki often lack the understanding what the show is really about and provide less than perfect translations.

By allowing the community to interact and judge those titles, better solution will be found and titles that the majority of users agree on can be used. This would also help as a control and quality ensuring entity. 

If needed, Viki can still decide on the title in the end, but has a variety to choose from and feedback from volunteers.


This feature could be centralized in an extra window in the project finder, where people collect their language and can see a number of translated titles and vote on them.

Or on each channel, active volunteers (QC) have an icon next to the title, where they can vote or make suggestions.



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  • This is a great idea. 💡 There must be a change for the german translation in so many Drama titles.

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  •  also the sumaries should be better

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