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I was wondering about being able to report or dislike timed comments.

Because it happens quite often that people put spoilers in the middle of a show, specially new ones. That really destroys the enjoyment A LOT! Also rude behavior.

The community is really supportive and I have no doubt that people will report/dislike if something like that happens. After a few reports/dislikes the comment will be deleted automatically.

For the future, maybe the person who is writing a lot of spoilers will be banned from commenting at some point as well, until after some time. 

But thanks for your hard work, appreciate it!




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    Hi both!

    Thanks for noticing that there might be spoilers being posted in the timed comments.

    While the Viki team works to moderate timed comments manually, we are also working on improving the moderation process. I want to assure you that the team is continuously working to better the feature, including managing abuse.

    If it's not too much trouble, we would also appreciate your help in the meantime. When you notice a spoiler being posted, do take note of the following and follow the steps here to report it.

    • The username of the user that posted the timed comment
    • The timestamp on the video where that timed comment appears
    • The content of timed comment 

    Thank you for your understanding and assistance while we work to improve the viewer experience on Viki.


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  • Why have no one responded to this yet? We really need this!! Recently I've seen a lot of spoilers and really inappropriate comments that clearly break the community guidelines. 

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  • I have tried to report numerous times, and it has only gotten worse. There must be a group of kids doing this, cause the spoilers come back to back with different user names. You will only deter viewers with this. Why should I continue to pay for Plus when all I get is a ruined experience for a show? Do something about this, ban these spoiling viewers, or just remove the timed comments altogether. I'd hate to take this up to Rakuten level, but you are leaving no other choice.

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