[Closed] Error for subbing "Not available in your region"


I'm on the team to subtitle for Go Go Squid! but the trailer videos are not available for me to watch and sub. When I click to watch the video or go into the subtitle tools, it gives me the error that it's "Not available in my region". I check with my channel manager and she verified with another US team member who said she was able to access the videos. Please help me out. Since we're both US viewers, should I also be able to access the videos? The first new episode should be coming out today and be up for us to subtitle this week. I would like to be able to help with the show.

Thank you for your time.



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  • Hey Koi,

    Thanks for reporting this to us!

    We've made some fixes and you should now be able to watch and subtitle the trailers on Go Go Squid :)


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  • Thank you

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