[Solved] Font color/size/shading

I can't seem to find the font setting while watching shows on the web.  I see instructions for IOS and Android but not for web viewing.  I'm having difficulty seeing white especially actors/actresses wearing white clothing.  Is there a way to change fonts like youtube? 



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    Hey eduardo_lim_848,

    We currently do not have the ability to customize subtitle fonts on the website.

    If you'd like this feature, please do upvote dreamfall92's idea as it will help the team prioritize build the features for which users would like to have the most.


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  • No, the browser version doesn't have this setting, only Android & iOS smartphones/tablets. I put up a post via "Viki's ideas" to request such a feature for web & smart tvs 2 months ago, but sadly it doesn't have a lot of upvotes:

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