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I've been trying since last Friday, Feb.23,  to resubscribe, after ending my original subscription in September, 2017.  It's now Thursday, which means I've been trying to resubscribe daily for the last six days.  A box pops up  telling me that a verification has been sent to my email address -- but I never receive one.  I've written twice, using the "help" provided, and I've received an automatic response (to my email, so I know Viki has my correct email address) telling me my request has been passed on to someone who will contact me in 24-48 hours.  However, no one has.  And no matter how many times that little box pops up telling me a verification email has been sent, it doesn't arrive.   What more can I do?  Does no one want my money?



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    Hi karenekr_211,

    Really sorry for the long response time! As we are a small team dealing with a large volume of tickets, we sometimes miss tickets, causing a delayed response.

    I've just responded to your help request. If you continue to experience any problems, please let me know!


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