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I cannot understand of what I am experiencing now. Last night I was watching Radio Romance kdrama which is on air with subtitles on my laptop. And today, when I was about to resume watching, it says subtitles are not yet available. So, I tried it on the app on my phone and surprisingly it has subtitles. A bit weird. How can I fix this problem?



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    Hey everyone,

    Sorry about the problems with subtitles.

    We experienced some downtime with the subtitles around 06:00 GMT last Friday for about an hour until the engineers got it back up.

    If anyone's still experiencing problems with seeing subtitles when the subtitle percentage says 100%, please let me know!


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  • Same problem here.

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  • I had a similar issue. I use my Mac - Safari, so I decided to download the Opera Browser and hey, they're back. So if you want to watch it with subtitles on the good ole laptop then it works fine with Opera. Maybe it's a fix they're looking into. Hope this helps guys! Dan.

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