[Solved] Is this a bug? Kocowa content has no English subtitles

Drama: Return

Episodes 15 and 16 @ 30 minutes do not show any English subtitles. This drama is only with English subs, there is no Viki team. It's past 9 pm EST and still no subs. I see Kocowa has the episodes but I can't tell if they are subbed.

Opera 50+ Windows7 / I don't think it's my browser other dramas work normally.

My comments on disqus are also pending, why? (on the episode 15 on same drama, I type them and they disappear)



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    Hey simi11,

    Shucks! With the Lunar New Year celebrations upcoming, this slipped off our mind.

    Thanks so much for reminding us about it! We are uploading the English subtitles soon!

    Also, I've alerted my team member that your comments are being detected as spam, and she'll be approving those comments soon.


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  • Thank you Kristie, gosh so much going on lately, it's almost a 27/7 job, so sorry bugging you more :(

    Happy Lunar New Year, good luck and many blessings too :) - I saw the subs and I saw the disqus comments are now there...  

    Best, Simi

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