[Closed] Original title not displayed on show page anymore?

The translated title of a show is often not the same as the original title. It is useful to know both versions of the title when searching for information about the show.

For example, "The Red Sleeve" (2021) has the Korean title "옷소매 붉은 끝동" but on its page underneath the English title it says "The Red Sleeve Cuff" (which appears to be a translation of the Korean title but does not match the official English name of the show).

Other shows don't display an original title at all. For example, "My Roommate is a Gumiho" (2021) has the Korean title "간 떨어지는 동거" but the show's page doesn't display any alternate title.

For both of these, the original title appears to already be in the database--it is possible to find the show by entering the original title in the search box (in fact, if I remember correctly the original title was displayed on the show page a few months ago).



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    Hi 6gsm2zsxgr_499,

    Thanks for writing to Viki Community Support! 

    We understand that you're having an issue with some show titles. We will be reaching out to you privately via a ticket on the Help Center shortly so we can gather more information about this issue.

    Please help to respond there too as this post will be closed to prevent multiple requests confusion.

    Thank you,

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