Video playback is continually pausing in Microsoft edge on windows 10 computer

my stuff:

-VikiPass plus
-Windows 10 Pro
-microsoft edge, up to date AND cleaned up []
-Super PC
-100Mbps internet
-location Oregon, USA

Playback video of any show on website on a PC is very slow,
the problem is streaming on viki only

it’s frustrating, every video has between 2-10 seconds of pausing every minute
And please don’t say it’s my internet or PC,
i understand computers and networking very well.
Everything else on my machine is FAST except I have multiple streaming subscriptions that all work great

Playback on my wireless Android devices work perfect




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  • Hello,

    Thank you for writing in to Viki Community Support.

    We're sorry you're experiencing issues with the web video player.

    Could you please provide the following information so we may better troubleshoot for you?

    • Detailed browser version and operating system. Click here to see all related information.
    • Please try watching on another web browser (eg. Chrome/Firefox). Does this issue occur there as well?
    • Does this occur on all shows? Please provide example shows and episodes you're having problems with (ex. "Chicago Typewriter" Episode 2)


    Note: To respond to this thread, please click on "View the post" in the email notification. Responses to the email notification will not update the thread and are not received.


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