[Closed] Viki not working on chromecast

Hi, my app on chromecast has stopped working for last couple months. I don't have a paid account, is that why it has stopped working? Everytime I try and log in it says error.


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    Hi johneaglesrock87_119​,

    Thank you for getting in touch with Viki Community Support!

    We truly appreciate your enthusiasm in using Chromecast to watch shows on Viki and we're sorry that you're unable to do so. 

    To set proper expectations, we do support Chromecast but only with a Viki Pass subscription. To know more, please check this article: How do I use Viki on Google Chromecast?

    Hope that helps! If you have other concerns, please let us know. Have a great day!


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  • Was this a recent change though?

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  • Hi johneaglesrock87_119​,

    Thanks for getting back to us. 

    Having a Viki Pass subscription in order to use Chromecast to watch shows on Viki has been the standard since the day we provide support for Chromecast. 

    Hope that clarifies! 

    Thank you,


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