Viki Android app not available via Google Play Store in Guyana?

I'm a citizen of Guyana (Gy) {Caribbean / South America}.

It seems that the Viki app {Android ed. (} is still not officially available via Google's Play Store in Gy?

If so, this is probably due to some app feature(s) not being supported for my country, such as in-app subscription capability which Google (unlike Apple) doesn't support in Gy, necessitating resort to alternative / manual means and thereby {among other issues} losing the convenience of the Play Store's automatic app updates.

However, other companies with similar Android apps {esp. those normally offering in-app subscriptions}, have nevertheless managed to make them available in Gy's Play Store — e.g., by removing the feature for affected countries, or displaying a suitable alert message, etc. Such apps that are available in my country include many from global streaming services, i.e., Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, HBO Max, Netflix, etc. I'd like to request that Rakuten / Viki please also consider doing likewise for Gy.

Thanks for any consideration!



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  • Yes I would also like to know if viki can be aired in Guyana, South America also. My mom love to watch the KDrama on Viki

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