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I have faint memory of this Korean movie from the early 2010 or something like that, I don't remember the name or the any cast since I was young when I watched that. Um it's horror comedy movie about the lead actor, when he was young his parents decapitated the chicken and the chicken, without its head, runs around. And he was haunted by this memory. And when he gets older, he moved into this big house, and his first night there, he was haunted by this ghost where his hands turned into his feet and his feet turned into his hands and there was also another pair of hands just floating and haunting him. And there was also a scene where he was haunted by the headless chicken and also the ghost threw his laundry and made a mess, I don't remember if it's the same night or not. And so other nights, he would invite his friends to come and drink and stay at the house at night, but they don't sleep there and he is scared of going there. The ghost turns out to be a girl and there was a scene when she is upside down and stuffs. There was also a scene where the girl made the mattress float and he was sleeping on it without knowing. I think later in the movie they become friends I guess, I don't remember that much. It just feels nostalgic to me and I want to watch it back. Anyone knows the name or just remember the cast name or any information would be great. Thanks



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