[Closed] Why do I have to rent when I'm already a pass plus?

I saw the other case, but I have the premium plan (9.99/month)... so why do I still have to pay another $5 to watch, 'In Our Prime'? It said if we have the correct plan we wouldn't have to rent... but you only have two plans. I have the best one, so why is it still saying I need to rent it for 4.99?



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    Hi sadie_souder_pro_788,

    Thanks for your inquiry about ‘Rentals’ on Viki.

    ‘Rentals’ is a new feature launched on Viki whereby users can rent and watch select movies at their leisure without a Viki Pass subscription.

    If a title is available for rental, you will have either one of these options on the title’s page:

    1. Rent - A one-time payment is needed to rent the show.
    2. Watch From* - You may choose to rent with a one-time payment or subscribe to a Viki Pass subscription that would include access to the title. 

    *Do note that you will not see this option if you already have the required Viki Pass plan to access the title. 

    Based on the device you’re using, you can learn more about how to rent a show here: Rentals - How do I rent shows?

    In order to serve you more new releases, some titles such as Josee / New Year Blues are currently available for rental only. This gives you the ability to watch those recent theatre-released movies many months ahead of the video/home release! This one-time rental payment is separate from your subscription fee. 

    If you are not keen on those titles, rest assured that there are still many other movies available to Viki Pass subscribers! Moreover, we will continue to license and release new content exclusive to Viki Pass. 

    We really seek your understanding as ‘Rentals’ is a new feature that is part of our efforts to offer more viewing options/experiences to users.




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  • It came out in march, and it's been two months since then. Not sure why it wouldn't be free to watch for premium by now.

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  • Hi sadie_souder_pro_788,

    We hear what you're saying and we want to make this available soon for you. We will share this feedback with our team. 

    Thanks again for sharing this with us.




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