Revamping Watchlist & Continue Watching

Currently their are two user custom lists: the Watch list and the Continue Watching list.

I propose three watch lists: Will Watch, Am Watching, and Have Watched.

Will Watch is the current Watch list w/ manual show/movie addition & removal.

Am Watching is the current Continue Watching with the following improvements: launching an episode or the feature will automatically list the content on the list and remove the content from the Will Watch list (if present), the listing persists either for as long as the content is not watched to completion or has been manually removed. [secondary suggestion - allow ratings etc. for the individual watched episodes; at completion allow ratings etc for the whole work, on the content's home page you can show the 'smoothed' data and allow access to the detailed data]

Have Watched does not currently exist but is self explanatory. To get on this list the content should have been watched. There should be two sub lists: the Completely Watched list and the Did/Do Not Watch (DNW) list.

The Completely Watched sub list contains only the content that has been watched to completion. Some suggested features for this sub list are: the ability to send recommendations, the ability to revise ratings etc, the ability to flag a listing for re-watching, the ability to be sort-able by existing & custom categories, and having the listings stamped with the 'date last watched'.

Those items manually removed from the Am Watching list are automatically placed on the DNW sub list. Items on this list are unrated but are given a reason for being on the list: no time to watch, lost interest, is trash, is toxic/offensive, etc (a comment should be allowed to give details to the reason). Manual removal of a listing should be allowed for either another attempt to watch or a deletion of ratings and reasons.

Adoption of these suggestions will improve viewer satisfaction and garner cleaner & more-detailed data gathering.

David S.



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  • There really isn’t really a reason to do this because you can create your own lists just like this. I created a list called “Now Playing.” I put shows in that list that I am currently watching. I created a list called “Next Up.” I put shows in that list I plan on watching. I have a similar list for movies I plan to watch. And I have a list called “Shows I have Already Seen”. I put shows in that list once I’ve finished watching them. I even created a list for shows so good they are worth rewatching.

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