[Closed] What, if anything, is being done to remedy Viki’s inability to work on Samsung tvs?

It is very frustrating to be unable to enjoy Viki on my Samsung tv.  What changes did Viki make so that this program no longer runs on tv?  Please be honest and tell me why this has happened.

You have incompetent leadership.  The old expression, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” seems to be the lesson learned— hopefully.  

Your company keeps asking consumers for patience.This is unacceptable; fix the problem.  If not, I will be dropping my membership.



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    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for writing in to Viki Support.

    As of 1 May 2018, the official Viki app on the Samsung App Store is no longer available. Any other Samsung Store apps with the 'Viki' name are not supported by us and you will not be able to stream videos there.

    However, we would also like to share that we are working on a new Viki app for Samsung TV which will be released later this year. Once released, you'll be able to install it and watch Viki on your TV.

    Do follow this post for updates as this duplicate topic would be closed.

    In the meantime, we suggest watching on or on our other supported apps.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.



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  • Wow even the comments left show how incompetent this company is. Did you people even read the complaint? The user said SAMSUNG TVs not ROKU tvs. Feels like yet another generic, non-answer or bot answer. Might as well have just not replied at all because that’s about how helpful your response was for all of us out there with Samsung TVs who can no longer enjoy the service they pay for.

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