Please remove LGBTQ + dramas from my viki acct.

Is there a way to Remove LGBTQ shows from line u? I like the K drama because they are relatively innocent and safe for teens. A lot of the LGBTQ+ are not PG or PG13! I would like to remove them from my subscription. I have been a member of Viki for over 5 years, and this is very disappointing!? Or at least allow individual account holders to choose the genre they want available in their feed.


  • I would like to avoid these shows too. Being able to filter them out would be nice. But they are labeled as such in the descriptions so it’s just as easy to notice that and not watch.

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  • Agradecería si pudieran eliminar de mi suscripción los dramas LGBTQ ya que no me interesan . Es muy decepcionante, ver como quieren que nosotros acojamos como normal, las acciones que están en contra de la naturaleza. 


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  • I think a better solution than asking for censorship would be to allow people to require their PIN on specific categories. If someone chooses, they could select a category and lock it with their pin.

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  • I also would like to not have to sort through the BL (gay) dramas. I would prefer that they have their own category and be able to exclude from the other categories. I have no problem with people being gay, but I have no desire to watch dramas about that.

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