Learn mode enhancements

1. Please make learn mode available even if the target language subtitles are not available and you can only show English and no word definitions. It always seems to be the case that the shows I want to study don't have learn mode, presumably because they don't have target language subtitles.

2. Please add a sticky "stop at end of subtitle" mode like Language Reactor. Hitting space or Play resumes playback. The repeat button replays the subtitle segment and then stops.

3. Add a second repeat button for "repeat slow". This plays back the segment at around 70% of the speed.

The above features will make it so that even shows without target language subtitles can still be usefully studied.

4. Display a definition popup for an arbitrary selection. Japanese word parsing is too hard to get right. Yours seems to favor short words. I think favoring longer words, where you find the longest run of characters that constitute a word (including helper verbs/suffixes), works better. It seems your stuff already has the smarts for recognizing inflected words.

5. Please fix the Japanese Romaji to use a more widely accepted spelling.

6. Have Japanese Kana as an option for the phonetic.

7. Please add a subtitle export feature. A tabbed file (TSV) would be great. Please include full time tags. Anki-compatible would be great for some people, but not essential for me, as I have my own tools.

8. Please add an audio export feature. Either extracted and zipped up segments matching the subtitles, or the whole file. If segments, perhaps just make an Anki-ready zip file with both the text and audio.

9. Maybe work with the Language Reactor people and get them to support Viki?






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  • 10. Please consider having a learn mode category or search function, preferably that can be filtered by region/language (or more) or link to a list.

    11. Most of the time the reason learn mode isnt available seems to be lack of original language translation. Original closed captions would probably help.

    Learn mode is so great, I wish it was built into everything. If it works well and has a wide range I would pay decent money for it. Thank you

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